Alex Wiid

Senior Consultant

Alex is a transport operations and customer experience professional with a Bachelor of Commerce degree in Economics and a Master’s degree in Landscape Architecture. Alex has worked on several key rail projects in the UK and Dubai, with a particular focus on project planning and co-ordination, quality management process design and data analysis. Alex has recently extended her area of expertise to include the field of landscape architecture. Through her studies, she has gained a deep understanding of public space and public transport interchanges. Her thesis was based on a railway and road transport interchange in Cape Town, South Africa, and focused on creating economic, ecological and social value through place-making in an environment of fast-paced urban movement.

Since joining North Star in 2009, Alex has held key roles in a number of rail and air-rail projects. These include the Dubai Metro service mobilisation, playing a vital role in the Metro’s operational readiness testing, and with Serco’s Docklands’ Performance Improvement Team, where she was involved in planning and programme management in preparation for the 2012 London Olympics. Alex also provides internal project and quality management and other business control functions to North Star and has been Programme Manager for North Star’s quality management system since 2017. She has liaised with the Managing Director and other Directors to set the strategy, implement and now maintain North Star’s ISO 9001 certification on an ongoing basis.

Prior to joining North Star, Alex held a pivotal role in the extension of the Heathrow Express to Terminal 5, specifically with regard to the successful planning and execution of trial operations and emergency exercises.