North Star presents Nine Golden Rules for Regional Airports

July 2009

North Star director Andy Todd has, after researching and applying his 24 years of experience, established nine golden rules which if observed can create significant success for regional airports.

The rules include advice on how to put the passenger first and re-inject the magic and mystery of travel back into the airport experience.

Nine Golden Rules for Regional Airports

  • Think passengers first – understand your audience’s wants and needs – not just the obvious revenue streams
  • Maximise speed and convenience through the airport for both departing and arriving passengers
  • Create an intimate service experience by drawing on the region’s identity and strengths
  • Make the travelers’ journey through the airport a real differentiator; customer contact points become an easier and friendlier experience
  • Use any APD advantage over larger airports to enhance your appeal
  • Make getting to and around the airport easy for all visitors and promote integrated transport
  • Advocating the airport as a source of pride and excellence in the region enables inward investment
  • Export brand into the community by being truly involved in local activity – both socially and commercially
  • Re create a sense of magic – travel can still be exciting!

To discuss how the rules can be applied to your operation email Andy at