New Oman Railway; Industry Structure & Organisational Design

North Star was engaged with Grant Thornton to undertake the organisational design and structure of the new national railway company in Oman. We also provided advice on the proposed strategic structure of the railway industry, including relationships with key stakeholders including the Ministry of Transport & Communication and wider regulatory structure.

One of the principles of the creation of this new rail company was to support local training and skills development, notably through the establishment of a Centre of Excellence that will drive competency development in the national railway industry. Our approach ensured clarity of roles within the industry and a robust organisation structure for Oman Railway Company to undertake its future activities through the following;

  • organisation process development. This included the identification of a framework within which Oman Rail operates, its relationships and the overall legal perspective; and conducting qualitative comparisons and benchmarking with global best practices and recommendations on the implications for the organizational framework of the Oman Railway Company;
  • organisation structure development. This included a structure with clear authorities and responsibilities within the identified organization structure through functional charters and job descriptions, and a manpower plan for the Oman Railway (including an appropriate salary structure and remuneration scheme); and
  • development of strategic enablers. This included development of a Human Resource manual for Oman Rail and design and development of a performance management system.