Dubai Buses – United Arab Emirates

  • Fleet of 1,518 buses
  • 119 bus lines
  • Network covers 82% of urban areas in Dubai
  • Transports 369,248 passengers per day

Dubai currently operates a fleet of over 1,500 buses. In 2021, the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) released a tender for international bus companies to bid to operate and maintain the current bus network. In addition to this, the Dubai 2040 Master Urban Plan looks to expand Dubai and develop five urban centres, and the Dubai 2030 Plan focuses heavily on innovation. The tender required companies to propose innovative modes of bus transportation and plans on how to operate the new and developing urban centres.

North Star provided strategic advice on the management of a tenderer’s bid for the operation and maintenance of the Dubai Bus network, coordinating with the bid team and other stakeholders to ensure the production of a high-quality bid. We also provided technical writing support, working with subject matter experts based around the world to extract information to write compelling responses that aligned with the bid requirements. This bid received the highest technical score against the other bidders.