Tel Aviv Light Rail Operational Readiness – Israel

  • 3 light rail transit lines
  • 135 stations across the whole network
  • 600,000 passengers expected to be served daily
  • 90km of track across the network

Light rail in Tel Aviv, Israel, is part of the planned Mass Transit System for the Metropolitan Area in response to a growing population and increasingly congested roads. Currently, three light rail lines are planned:

  • Red Line – planned to open in November 2022, 24km long with 34 stops
  • Purple Line – set to open in 2026, 28km long with 22 stops
  • Green Line – set to open in 2028, 35km long with 62 stops.

The project is being overseen by NTA, the Israeli government agency responsible for the procurement, design and construction of the Mass Transit System. and will complement the surrounding intercity and suburban rail network.

North Star has been engaged as an Operation & Maintenance (O&M) Technical Advisor (Shadow Operator) to NTA, providing the following support across the project:

  • Shadow bidding – we produced ‘shadow bids’ for the Red Line O&M contract to validate the NTA’s budget estimates for government funding.
  • Reviews – North Star reviewed the Red Line O&M contractor management plans; Red Line depot design; Green and Purple Line tender documentation; Purple Line fleet size and run time and proposed Red Line O&M procedures.
  • O&M contractor audits – we are undertaking a series of audits to assess the operational readiness of the O&M contractor for the Red Line.