Surface Access options for Pearson Airport in Toronto

North Star was contacted by the Greater Toronto Airports Authority (GTAA) to undertake a strategic study to help them understand how they could improve surface access, taking into account their expansion plans, as well as planned and potential improvements for public transport modes serving the airport. This includes a high-speed rail link from Toronto to London Ontario. In addition, the study explored the possible impact of the rapidly developing potential of autonomous vehicles.

We developed a report which brought together all options, taking into account existing surface access provision, projects in hand, projects in the planning stage, as well as long-term options. We visited the local area and undertook extensive research to gain an understanding of the current situation. Our specialist knowledge of air-rail links and other public surface access options was then applied to develop a long-term strategy. The study also considered the potential major impact of the use of autonomous vehicles in such a setting.

Our report was used by GTAA to provide multiple new transit access options to their major stakeholders.

“We went to North Star because they are globally recognised for their depth of understanding of what works best in providing surface access capacity for airports. North Star provided an excellent assessment of which new transit proposals could transform the attractiveness of airport access in addition to other benefits.“
Mike Brown, Senior Planning Advisor
Greater Toronto Airports Authority