Saudi Arabian Railway Network – Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

  • 2,750km track line under construction
  • 4 million tonnes and 2 million passengers transported annually
  • 120-200km per hour operating speeds
  • 1,242km sister line

There are two state-owned companies that construct and operate the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s rail network. Two main lines of the network are:

  • North-South Line – currently under construction, the 2,750km single-track line will be used for freight and passenger services to connect Al-Haditha with Riyadh. The line is of strategic importance to the Kingdom as it is expected to transport four million tonnes of goods and two million passengers every year. Operating speeds on the line will be up to 120km/h for freight trains and 200km/h for passenger trains. Operations on part of the line (1,392km) began in January 2015
  • Riyadh-Qurayyat Line – a 1,242km single-track line running both passenger and freight services with operating speeds of up to 200km/h. The line shares infrastructure with the North-South line and opened in February 2017.

In 2019, North Star was asked to undertake an audit of an operating company’s network operations. From the UK, we reviewed operational documentation including emergency plans, control centre plans, signalling documentation and timetables to gain an understanding of the company’s operational approach. Our team then travelled to Riyadh to observe the Operations Control Centre and freight rolling stock maintenance facility, interview staff and assess competence levels. We produced a comprehensive audit report that highlighted key areas for improvement to ensure operational effectiveness for the railway, including recommendations and cost-saving measures.