Ontario Line O&M Proposal – Canada

  • GoA4 (fully automated) metro
  • 15.6 kilometres of track
  • 15 stations
  • 90-second headway

The Ontario Line is a planned automated metro line in Toronto, Canada. Spanning the centre of the city, its connectivity with existing metro lines, suburban rail lines and the light rail network will further develop rail travel in Toronto. It is anticipated that 388,000 people will board the Ontario Line every day.

Between 2020 – 2022, North Star was engaged by a major international rolling stock manufacturer and maintainer to support their response to the Ontario Line Rolling Stock, Stations, Operations & Maintenance (RSSOM) contract. Responsible for the development of the Maintenance Plan and Handback Plan for the Ontario Line, a team of four North Star consultants worked with the Maintenance Team and colleagues across the consortium to develop a high-quality, compliant solution for the 30-year contract term. This included design & build partners to ensure the maintenance offerings were fully aligned with the train and depot designs. North Star’s Senior Bid Advisor for the project worked with the bid’s senior leadership to advise on the ‘Price to Win’ and strategic win themes.