Good Security Measures Can Improve Customer Service

June 2008

With security services pursuing around 2,000 terrorists, 30 potential plots and 200 networks, it is evident that the scale and complexity of the terrorist threat facing Britain today is huge.

This alone, is creating a greater need for UK business to have efficient and effective security measures in place, which not only limit service disruption but can also improve customer service.

North Star, a leading consultancy which specialises in customer service, operations and people strategies is uniquely positioned to offer businesses this exceptional combination through advice and training.

Richard Brown, Director for North Star , who has extensive experience of implementing efficient and effective security measures which have developed and maintained a high level of customer service in the rail-air market, said: “ We feel at a time when our country’s security threat level is high, it is essential that UK businesses have the measures in place to cope with the massive impact of service disruption.“

Richard argues: “Currently there is not enough co-ordination between security and customer service. Many UK businesses would benefit enormously by having innovative security measures in place, which focus not just on dealing with security of the public but also consider how to manage, build and develop the customer service relationship at the same time. A much more co-ordinated approach will achieve customer service delivery and ensure that not only are employees, customers, the business and profits are protected but also something positive comes out of necessary measures. What makes our approach distinctive is that we ensure security works hand in hand with customer service to deliver first class customer service results and setting the benchmark for the next advances of customer service.”

North Star’s expertise and knowledge in the security and customer service disciplines can be translated into several areas, beneficial to businesses worldwide. Partners, such as ICTS GIS, a division of ICTS (UK) Ltd, who provide explosive search dog services to iconic targets in the transport network are already seeing first hand how the two disciplines can be interlinked and achieve maximum success for a business when they are faced with a challenging or unexpected situation.