Copenhagen Light Rail & Metro, Proposal and Mobilisation – Denmark

  • 28 km of new tramway
  • Serves the city centre, integrating with the existing S-Train network
  • An anticipated 44,000 passengers a day

The Greater Copenhagen Light Rail is a new light rail system currently under construction to serve the Danish capital, due to begin operation in 2025.

In 2017, the contract for the operations and maintenance of the system was announced. North Star worked with one of the bidders to:

  • Provide specialist light rail operations advice
  • Lead on the preparation of plans and other deliverables relating to Operations, Testing & Trial Running and Operational Procedures
  • Review the preliminary design, focusing on safety interfaces in the public domain and identifying possible design improvements
  • Provide support during the mobilisation phase.

Following our support to the light rail project, North Star was subsequently re-engaged later in 2017 as the bidder also tendered for the Copenhagen Metro operations and maintenance contract.