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Welcome to North Star Consultancy

North Star was formed with unique and unmatched expertise in the transport industry to deliver the customer centric experience for the consultancy market.

Our consultants provide a superb skill set backed up by decades of experience at all levels of management and has an unrivalled understanding of the rail and air sectors. We use methodologies that ensure that our service meets the needs of the market and allow us to deliver world-class rail and air transport solutions.

Where North Star can assist

Our services range from niche specialist consultancy to hands-on delivery and we specialise in four distinct and interrelated areas:

  • Service Concept, Operations Strategy, Start-Up and Implementation

Strategic advice and assistance in every facet of the development; organisational design; operational readiness within time and budget; tender preparation and evaluation; operational staff training. Click here for further information.

  • Customer experience

Planning, defining and delivering extensive change in companies to ensure the delivery of an excellent customer experience in challenging environments. We ensure the customer service ethos rewards stakeholders and customers alike whilst supporting retention and growth.

  • Disruption management

Effective delivery of our disruption management system, which aligns workforce objectives and efficiently manages disruption through clearly defined roles and training. Click here for further information.

  • Specialist air-rail link advice

Un-rivalled experience of specifying, planning, project managing and implementing successful and profitable rail-air links; guiding companies to that ensure rail-air links meet the needs of the market; advice and support to ensure excellent levels of reliability and delivery of world-class service to customers. Our blueprint for success is based around 15 golden rules and is founded on over 100,000 hours experience working in air-rail links. Click here for further information.

Latest News

London Luton Airport is calling on the Government to include a requirement to introduce four fast trains per hour from central London to Luton Airport Parkway (LAP) as part of the upcoming East Midlands rail refranchising process.

Our report shows that increasing the number of hourly fast trains to LAP from one to four through timetable change could significantly increase rail revenue up to £110 million at no cost to the rail operator or DfT, and could almost double the number of passengers travelling by train to the airport; reducing traffic congestion by 70,000 journeys and saving 500 tonnes of CO2.